Mechanics bag o’ tricks

I’m nearly done packing up the Mobile Bluepoof Garage for the Alaska trip. I think we’re pretty much set for anything that won’t require a hoist to lift the engine.

Helimot’s large toolbag rocks. It’s sturdy, folds up compactly, and holds a ton of crap. Definitely designed by riders. Plus, they had a blue one in stock that perfectly matches the blue leather on my riding suit.

The bag, fully stocked and velcro’ed up

With a DVD for scale (any other ATHF fans in the house?)

Opening up the bag…

And fully unfolded.

Stuff! Stuff!

The current contents

Here’s the Mobile Bluepoof Garage checklist:

Helimot large toolbag:

  • Lefthand (clear) pocket of the toolbag:

    • 6 feet of 16ga electrical wire
    • electrical tape
    • spare fuses (glass and mini-blade)
    • pocket multimeter

  • Socket Pocket:

    • 3/8″ drive set of sockets, 10mm – 18mm

  • Main pocket:

    • Metric hex key set
    • 2 extra sparkplugs for the SVS
    • JB Weld (quick-set formula)
    • 3/8″ drive ratchet
    • box wrenches
    • 10″ of 1/4″ ID clear vinyl tubing
    • cable ties
    • Xacto knife
    • Loctite
    • 2 1157 bulbs
    • small fleece bag, containing:
      • various electrical connectors
      • various sized screws, nuts, bolts, washers
      • various sized cotter pins

Ziplock bag in the saddlebag:

  • travel-sized WD-40
  • travel-sized chain lube
  • clean rags
  • another ziplock bag to put rags in after they cease being clean
  • waterless hand cleaner

Self-contained kits:

  • small-sized jumper cables
  • tire repair kit
  • mini 12v air compressor

Leatherman, which includes, amongst other things:

  • pliers
  • wire cutters
  • screwdriver (both flathead and philips)

The only things I still need to get are road flares that last longer than 15 minutes and extra master link clips for my chain.

Anyone have any suggestions for things I may have forgotten?

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