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The 2014 bike show!

This past weekend was the annual bike show.  We decided to go on Friday evening because we figured it would be less crowded due to (a) Friday (b) raining (c) Halloween.  We were right — there were VERY few people … Continue reading

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Pregnant Stig

The photo was requested by my goofball friends on the motorcycling interwebz, so I figured as long as I was being silly, I’d share with everyone. Just in case anyone was curious, it is not super easy to get a … Continue reading

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I’m a proud mama

Yeah, I know I haven’t posted in forever.  I, uh, haven’t been riding.  Or playing hockey.  Hopefully that doesn’t come as a shock to anyone. 😉 I had to share this, though…on Sunday, Kira specifically wanted to sit on her … Continue reading

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I’d better start saving money now

One of Kira’s favorite books lately is one I got for Christmas a few years ago called “Superbikes: The World’s Greatest Street Racers”.   I’d had it face out on a high shelf and she pointed and yelled at me … Continue reading

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Kira’s first motorcycle

Sweet baby jesus with a chainsaw, this has been slow and basically unreadable lately.    We’re trying to work it out with our web hosting provider (since it’s not just this blog but all of the eleventy million sites that … Continue reading

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