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“No equipment” workouts

Assuming that there’s more than one of us who’s looking at a summer of both fitness and riding… The Summer 2005 issue of Exercise and Health magazine is full of equipment-less workouts that’ll be perfect for motorcycle trips: pp 24-27: … Continue reading

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Neat back photo

In the “money where my mouth is” department, I took some fitness progress photos yesterday. I particularly liked this one of my back. The lighting was a little weird to start with; plus, I played with the levels a little … Continue reading

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Random fitness updates

I’m at week 9 (out of 12) of the fitness challenge that I started in late December. My goals were: 1) maintain a sub-20% bodyfat percentage 2) find a sustainable healthy eating plan (I hate to cook and would just … Continue reading

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Hooray for deltoids

A good shot of post-workout deltoids. Pardon the bizarre lighting in my bathroom.

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Fitness update

Well, I know you all have just been dying of curiosity, wondering how the fitness life is going. Fret no more! Today was stats day. Weight is still 116lbs, no change. Bodyfat % is up from last week, to 21.6%, … Continue reading

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