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Personal Trainer class

OK, I promise this isn’t turning into a Fitness journal. 😉 Since I’ve been talking a lot about lifting and routines lately, I wanted to put my money where my mouth is. I’ve signed up for the first two classes … Continue reading

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Ow, dammit

While climbing onto the weight machine last night to do lat pulldowns, I managed to bang my knee on the leg press. Naturally, the bruise is RIGHT where my armored pants press into my leg while on the motorcycle. Sigh. … Continue reading

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Stoopid hips

Ugh, it was one of those weekends where drinking lots of beer and hanging out with friends took precedence over working out and drinking water…which is all kinds of good, until one gets onto one’s motorcycle on Monday morning and … Continue reading

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Quad muscle!

HOLY CRAP! While changing out of my workout clothes just now, I turned towards the mirror and THERE’S A QUAD MUSCLE! I distinctly saw one of those vertical quad muscles! Like the one that starts sorta up by your hip … Continue reading

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Good upper body progess

I haven’t posted many fitness updates lately, as being sick really put me off my routine. 🙁 Two weeks without lifting or any cardio at all — ugh. I’m back to lifting now, albeit with reduced weights. It’s sort of … Continue reading

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