Quad muscle!


While changing out of my workout clothes just now, I turned towards the mirror and THERE’S A QUAD MUSCLE! I distinctly saw one of those vertical quad muscles! Like the one that starts sorta up by your hip bone and does that nice arch along the thigh and then comes back in at the knee!

Now, OK, granted I had to stand JUST SO and turn the lights on JUST SO and hold very still and maybe squint a little….but it was there, boy howdy!

Hello little quad muscle! Ooza good widdle quad muscle!

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  1. Robert Dobbs says:

    Keep up the good work. Working out improves your quality of life greatly. Making friends with your body is a long process. Most folks don’t ever get to know there’s. ONce I realized that my mind and body had different ideas about what was good for the other I started to introduce them to one another. Push yourself to failure (muscle failure).

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