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The 2014 bike show!

This past weekend was the annual bike show.  We decided to go on Friday evening because we figured it would be less crowded due to (a) Friday (b) raining (c) Halloween.  We were right — there were VERY few people … Continue reading

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Ken Sann

Not the blog update I was expecting to write today. I was expecting to write a small ride report; it’s my day off from the kids (they’re both in daycare on Wednesdays) and I was hoping to run a few … Continue reading

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A ride with Kathleen and Jodie!

So, way back about ten bazillion years ago, I used to ride a lot with Women on Wheels.  I gradually stopped participating in the group for many reasons but have stayed in contact with a few members. One of my … Continue reading

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A maintenance day for everyone

I’ve been back on the bike for a few weeks now and it was nagging me more and more that the Ninjette hadn’t had a service, not even an oil change, in 14 months.   Now, obviously I haven’t been … Continue reading

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Pics from the last couple of rides

I did manage to get out on my bike the last two Wednesdays (thank goodness for daycare!).  Unfortunately, this timing perfectly coincided with my latest hacker infestation…oh WordPress, how I love your convenience and hate your constant exploits. Anyway, I … Continue reading

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