About Me

Hi. I’m Carolyn. I’m a motorcyclist, hockey player, and a mom.

Contact me: carolyn at bierman dot com

I was born and raised in southern Wisconsin, where I acquired a lifelong affinity for cheese, beer, and oddly-pronounced vowels. Now I live in San Carlos, California (about 25 miles south of San Francisco) with my long-suffering husband Peter, our daughter Kira and son Alex, and a couple of big fat cats.

In my copious free time, I ride motorcycles, play board games, watch the Sharks, play ice hockey, cross-stitch, go camping, and then probably ride motorcycles some more.

More about the bikes…

My main motorcycle is a 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250; I also have a 2002 Yamaha XT225 and a 2008 Honda CRF80F. I LOVE small bikes! I subscribe heartily to the theory that it’s more fun to ride a small bike fast than a big bike slowly.

I’ve been riding since 1999 and I estimate I’ve got about 150,000 miles on bikes. At last count, I’ve ridden through 30 US states and 3 Canadian provinces.  I’ve also ridden the Cape York peninsula of Queensland, Australia and a really teensy tiny amount in Mexico.

The longest trip I’ve done was in summer 2008, when I did a six-week trip (~9000 miles) from California to Key West, FL, up to Milwaukee, WI, and back to California. I also rode to Alaska in 2004, which was amazing and I recommend it to anyone.

Anyway, the point of this journal is just to have some fun, meet some people, and, most importantly, blather endlessly about my motorcycles. Hope you enjoy it.

My bikes.

Peter’s bikes.

My ex-bikes.