Ken Sann

Not the blog update I was expecting to write today.

I was expecting to write a small ride report; it’s my day off from the kids (they’re both in daycare on Wednesdays) and I was hoping to run a few errands on the motorcycle and then head over to the coast for lunch.  My intent was to update the blog with some photos of the Lemos Farm horse (of course!), some sun, some ocean, some motorcycles.

Instead I post just one photo.

This picture was taken on June 28, 2002, on the first group ride.  Some of us NorCal folk met some SoCal folk in San Simeon.  We saw some elephant seals, visited Hearst Castle, and met some friends that as it turned out, lasted a lifetime.

Some of those lifetimes were way too short.




That’s a photo of his daughter there in his tank bag.  He spent all weekend talking about her.  She was, he said, “the best little girl in the world.”  In fact, that was his tagline on STN.

I don’t really have any more words.  RIP, Ken.  We all love you and know you were the best big daddy in the world.

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