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Testing 1 2 3

Testing; please ignore.

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OMG a day off, happy birthday to me!

So my birthday was on Wednesday and I told Peter that all I wanted was a day off.  I wanted nothing to do with any children all day and I wanted to go for a motorcycle ride. I started the … Continue reading

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First ride back :)

Oh, hello there!  I rode the Ninjette last night for the first time since….July?  August?  I honestly can’t remember.  A long time, at any rate.  It wasn’t a very exciting ride: just down to Redwood City for my biweekly board … Continue reading

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Catching up

Since my last post was a picture of me being incredibly pregnant, hopefully it won’t come as a surprise to anyone to learn that we have since had our second child.  Alex was born on January 10 and everything has … Continue reading

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Pregnant Stig

The photo was requested by my goofball friends on the motorcycling interwebz, so I figured as long as I was being silly, I’d share with everyone. Just in case anyone was curious, it is not super easy to get a … Continue reading

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