First ride back :)

Oh, hello there!  I rode the Ninjette last night for the first time since….July?  August?  I honestly can’t remember.  A long time, at any rate.  It wasn’t a very exciting ride: just down to Redwood City for my biweekly board game night.  But it was a motorcycle ride! And riding the bike came back to me just like, uh, riding a bike.



Hey! What do you think of the Ninjette?  Snazzy, huh?  The paint was done by Bobby at CycleFinish; he did an amazing job and I would absolutely recommend him.  You can’t tell in the above photo but the white is a sparkly pearl white.  I’m hoping it comes through in sunlit pictures because it really has a nice depth in person.

The decal art was done by my awesome friend Michelle and the decals themselves were printed by Jeff at Schoen Signs.

The art is hopefully fairly self-explanatory but just in case you’re new here (and heck, it’s not like I’ve been around much lately either): they’re gaming dice (d10, d12, and d20 in various locations), a board game Meeple, hockey sticks, and a needle/thread for cross-stitching.  My other big hobby is, of course, motorcycling, but I thought it might be needlessly meta to use my motorcycle to tell people that I like motorcycling.

On that note, I’m off to watch my Sharks hopefully not screw up Game 7 too terribly badly.  And, to whet your appetites….I’m going riding on Friday.  Yep!



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