Testing 1 2 3

Testing; please ignore.

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  1. John Abell says:

    Hi Carolyn
    Just when I’d bought my fork seals and other bits and lining up a day to do the job, the best page on the web for how to change over seals on a F650GS is gone 🙁

    This is really sad. I know you’re a mum with a tribe to manage, but if you could find a way to put it back you would receive vibes of thankfulness emanating from south of the equator in your direction! Just so happens I’m preparing the bike to head up the Cape York peninsular in Queensland if I can, which I know you have already done. Starting point is near Adelaide in South Australia, riding up through the centre, and if I have the stamina, to Cape York.

    • carolyn says:

      Thanks for letting me know! I had to reinstall WordPress yesterday and it looks like some content didn’t reappear. I’ll try to restore those pages from backup as soon as I can. Anything to help out a fellow Cape York adventurer! 😀

  2. carolyn says:

    OK, should be back up now!

  3. Mike says:

    Hello Carolyn!

    I was here to look up one of your splendid sv650 how-to’s (coincidentally on fork seals and oil replacement 🙂 ) but it seems the large versions of pictures are missing. In some cases, close-ups are a boon. Any chance they will be back?

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