Neat back photo

In the “money where my mouth is” department, I took some fitness progress photos yesterday. I particularly liked this one of my back. The lighting was a little weird to start with; plus, I played with the levels a little in Photoshop to make the muscles stand out.

I think it’s a fairly decent lat spread, considering that I only started working my lats six months ago (and haven’t been lifting heavy lately due to coddling my left shoulder*)

* I managed to sprain my acromioclavicular joint (also known as a Type I AC joint injury). I didn’t mention it in the blog as it didn’t impact my motorcycling at all.


This week ended the Meltdown Challenge that I was doing with the fitness message board I’m on. So now I need some new goals (without goals, I sit on the couch and watch Buffy even more than I already do).

I’m thinking of making my next goal point the West Coast Regional Meet. It’s exactly 2 months from now, which is a perfect time frame for me, fitness wise. Plus, a weekend of friends and lots of riding is a perfect “reward”.

If anyone reading this comes to the WCRM: ask me about my fitness goals and I’ll buy you a beer. Promise. 🙂

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