Random fitness updates

I’m at week 9 (out of 12) of the fitness challenge that I started in late December. My goals were:
1) maintain a sub-20% bodyfat percentage
2) find a sustainable healthy eating plan (I hate to cook and would just eat mac ‘n’ cheese all day if possible)
3) see if #2 would help increase my energy levels

I’m proud to say that, with three weeks remaining, all three goals have been met. 🙂 Since late December, I’ve gone from 21% bodyfat to 17.95% (that’s a loss of about 5 lbs of fat), have eaten mac ‘n’ cheese only once — it’s chicken breasts and salmon fillets for this girl now — and have tons more energy.

Now if only I can stay healthy long enough to put on some more muscle….

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5 Responses to Random fitness updates

  1. LOL – good going! Jon and I did this last year, too. Same kind of diet, which is posted someplace on my blog. We *paid* $$ for somebody to make up this diet, but hell, it works. You might look for it to swipe some ideas. Now I’ve moved to the exercise ball and weights – getting ready for spring riding! YAY!

  2. carolyn says:

    Woo for spring riding! I saw in your blog that it’s starting to thaw up there! Does that mean hope for spring already, or will you guys get another freeze?

  3. Chris says:

    How are you determining your bodyfat percentage? Back in grad school I got measured by a “professional” using the calipers, but I’d be curious to know my current values.

  4. carolyn says:

    I have an Omron — it sends an electrical current through your body (you can’t feel it) and calculates BF% based on how long it takes to get through you (muscle holds more water than fat does).
    It gets confused by female weightlifters, so I take two readings: one male and one female. Then I add the results together, divide by two, and subtract one. This, I’m told, is the standard way for women bodybuilders to use the Omron.
    I’m not particularly concerned with my exact number; I use it more as a trend. I use it once a week; it’s actually pretty neat to see how things like short-term medication or PMS fluid retention affects the readout. 🙂
    I own calipers, too, but it’s impossible to do all seven sites oneself accurately. 😉

  5. Jamie says:

    I do feel the “ping” from the Omron when I use it at the local Curves. Granted, it’s very faint, but definitely felt.
    The funny thing is that it gives me an error on the female setting, but a reading on the male setting.
    Probably has something to do with a BMI of a couple hundred. 😛

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