That there’s some bad gas

Peter got a gas siphon from Harbor Freight and since I’m well enough to be restless but contagious enough to be home from work, I figured I’d empty the Bandit’s gas tank into our plastic 5-gallon container.

First of all, let me just say that the gas siphon is god’s greatest gift to mankind. Well, that and fire, I suppose. I’m sure I’m decades behind the trend here, but I really got a kick out of priming the pump and then watching the gas flow from the tank to the container.

Except….it wasn’t really gas. I would say that the gas content of the Bandit tank was actually quite low. Instead, I siphoned rust out of the tank. Glop after gooey burb of rusty brown sludge pumped out of the tank before my very eyes.

Once it was all out, I poured the yuck from the 5-gallon container into empty juice containers for disposal.


This, my dear friends, is not what gas should look like. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that this is pretty much the opposite of what you want in your gas tank.

So now I’m watching ebay for Bandit gas tanks. I’ve heard mixed reviews of the “do it yourself” Kreem kits, etc — any opinions? I’m thinking it’d be better for the bike and my own mental health to just replace the tank.

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7 Responses to That there’s some bad gas

  1. Kim says:

    This is a perpetual topic on the CB-1 list that I always ignore. You could look through the archives if you were interested.
    Kim, who unhelpfully does not remember every single piece of motorcycle minutia she reads on the internet

  2. Spike says:

    …but how will you know what kind of shape the inside of an ebay gas tank will be? You might be better off trying the kreem method if it is inexpensive.

  3. Chris says:

    I used the “Kreem” stuff on my ’82 Magna and never had any ill affects. and that tank was pretty yucky on the inside. It’s easy to do, and if it doesn’t work out you won’t be out much money before hitting ebay for a replacement!

  4. wookiee says:

    Good lord. Is the inside of your tank rusting, or is it the storage tanks where you got gas?

  5. carolyn says:

    It’s definitely the gas tank. After seeing the rust bomb it was barfing out, I shone my LED flashlight inside the tank, and it was all kinds of gross. 🙁

  6. Rod says:

    It is not just your gas tank that had the rust in it. I have a 96 bandit and my tank is rusted out as well. I contacted suzuki and they informed me that they didnt start painting the inside of the tanks until recently. Also, they informed me that there are many others just like you and I who have rusted out tanks because the metal they used is very thin and is generally bad.

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