Kira’s first motorcycle

Sweet baby jesus with a chainsaw, this has been slow and basically unreadable lately.    We’re trying to work it out with our web hosting provider (since it’s not just this blog but all of the eleventy million sites that Peter and I collectively run for work/family/fun).  I think we’ve been escalated a dozen times and I’m not sure when it’s going to be fixed. 🙁

In the meantime, have adorable photos of Kira’s first motorcycle.   She rides like I do — she scoots her butt way over in the seat, puts her left foot down, and dangles her right foot way up in space.  I reassure her that she doesn’t need to flatfoot, but she does need to pay a bit more attention to how she parks.  Right now her dismount method is to just stop and let the bike fall over…which, granted, was more or less how I rode the SV650S.

We took our first long sport-touring ride yesterday: from the playroom into the kitchen and almost fully around the kitchen island.   She got bored near the kitchen table, though, and dropped the bike (sorry, she “had to lay it down”) to go over and inspect the cat dish.  Ride to eat; eat to ride!


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