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Haines, AK

We’ve descended upon the Haines Public Library, which has (extremely limited) internet access. We got the stinkeye when we asked if we could bring in our own laptops, so I can’t upload any new pictures. This is a bummer, since … Continue reading

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Denali by air

Yesterday was our Planes, Trains, and Automobiles day — we took the Alaska Railroad down to Denali, and then went flightseeing around Mt. McKinley with Denali Air. I don’t have a lot of time to write, so I’ll talk about … Continue reading

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Midnight Sun

I have to admit that I’m looking forward to being south again, if for no other reason than that I won’t have to fall asleep every night in the broad daylight. You’d think that hotels this far north would have … Continue reading

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Lounging around in Fairbanks

oday is our Lazy Day in Fairbanks ™. I’m playing on my laptop and drinking beer while my sweetie is sitting across the hotel room, also drinking beer and playing on his laptop. Life really could not get much better. … Continue reading

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Fairbanks, AK

Woo, we’re in Fairbanks! I’m literally on my way to bed — for a whopping hour of sleep before Peter gets in — but we all made it to Alaska safe and sound. I updated the trimmed-down pictures page, too. … Continue reading

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