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Kitties and motorcycles

Two of my favorite things. I’m probably the last human alive to see this flash animation — I usually am — but it makes me giggle every time. 🙂 If my cats rode motorcycles: Ada would be a little stunta … Continue reading

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The money will just start flowing in now, just you watch

Woo! My very first paid article is now in SisterCycle magazine, out on the newsstands…at least, newsstands in British Columbia. 🙂 Here’s the cover — that’s me in the righthand photo, in Death Valley: Neat! I have to email the … Continue reading

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More pictures.

All of the Alaska trip pictures are now online. Sadly, they’re not captioned — someday Peter and I will get around to adding that functionality to our photo script — so if you have any questions about any of ’em, … Continue reading

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Changing Gears

Wow, I’m just blogtastic tonight, huh. I just got an email from Alice Sexton, president of WIMA USA, about Changing Gears. Changing Gears will be a motorcycle ride in October, from San Diego to San Francisco, done by 20 breast … Continue reading

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Game’s On!

OK, let’s play. Anyone have any idea what bike this might have come from? There are more photos here. The last photo of the set is the SVS’s radiator, back on the bike. You can tell that it, um, looks … Continue reading

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