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Radiator updates

I’d started about four different entries about the radiator situations over the past week, and then kept getting distracted by work, cats, random shiny things, whatever. After talking with some peeps on the World Wide Interweb and Jamie at the … Continue reading

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Snip snip snip snip

I just finished my first first draft (as opposed to the second, third, and etc. first drafts) for the RoadBike Alaska Highway article. It was 8600 words. Unfortunately, the article needs to be around 1500 words. Hrm. Guess what I’ll … Continue reading

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You guys do know I have a website, right?

It’s slowly occurring to me that a lot of my blog visitors probably found the blog directly from Google or some such, and don’t know about my main site, So, I moved some stuff around here and put links … Continue reading

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Tiny little updates

So, I’m still sans radiator, and have therefore been doing a whole lot of not riding. What have I been doing instead? Working on articles. It’s actually a good time to be functionally bike-less, as I have at least four … Continue reading

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More bolt fun

Over lunch, I took the radiator to the auto garage across the street from Danger. The mechanic looked over the parts and said there was nothing he could do about the bolt: the remaining aluminum is too thin to rethread. … Continue reading

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