More bolt fun

Over lunch, I took the radiator to the auto garage across the street from Danger. The mechanic looked over the parts and said there was nothing he could do about the bolt: the remaining aluminum is too thin to rethread. He’s going to do what he can with the radiator, though.

I’m looking through parts schematics, and the part number for the same part on the Bandit is one digit off from the SV’s part. I’m going to take that apart tonight and see if the SV can use the Bandit’s bolt and save myself $60 for a new bolt.


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3 Responses to More bolt fun

  1. sharad says:

    If the bandit doesn’t work, I’d call around to some of the bike junkyards (fremont cycle salvage?). I’d imagine that the temp. sensor bolt will survive most bike-totalling crashes.
    good luck with the repairs!

  2. Bob says:

    Hey, you may try to bring your rad. and the temp. sensor to a local machine shop to see what they can do about it. If you are luckly, you may find a good welder with a good welding machine that could weld the broken piece and retread for the temp. sensor.

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