Tiny little updates

So, I’m still sans radiator, and have therefore been doing a whole lot of not riding. What have I been doing instead?

  • Working on articles. It’s actually a good time to be functionally bike-less, as I have at least four articles to write about various aspects of the Alaska trip. Doing this post-trip research for the article notes is fun, though it tends to augment my obsessive personality. I spent no less than an hour the other day desperately searching online for the surface area of Muncho Lake. I still haven’t found it. So much for being able to locate anything you want to on the internet.
  • Hunting down a radiator. As of today, there’s a guy with a used radiator about 65 miles north of my house that’s selling it cheaply. Fortunately, my coworker Bob drives through the seller’s city every day on his commute, and he’s going to swing by and pick it up for me tomorrow morning. Despite my insistence, Bob denies that he is, in fact, the world’s most beautiful human being.
  • Hosting BBQs. My friend Alan’s birthday was on Saturday, so Peter and I held a small BBQ for him yesterday. Coincidentally, a sweet guy named Jim that we all met on the Alaska ferry was going through town yesterday. He’s from Anchorage and is taking his BMW K1200 all over the lower 48, more or less for the hell of it. So he stopped by the party, too, which was really awesome.

  • Looking at pictures. Tony has started putting his Alaska pictures up on his new blog.

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