You guys do know I have a website, right?

It’s slowly occurring to me that a lot of my blog visitors probably found the blog directly from Google or some such, and don’t know about my main site, So, I moved some stuff around here and put links to the content over there on the lefthand side.

Here’s a primer, for the new kids:

Bike Maintenance. I’ve done, well, a lot of work on our bikes. This section has write-ups on a lot of it, including pictures and tips from readers who’ve written in to point out my mistakes. šŸ™‚

Books. Being both a writer and a motorcyclist, I tend to have an obnoxious amount of motorcycle-related books on my shelves. Here are reviews of most of them.

Gear Reviews. This section’s pretty sparse right now, but I’m hoping to eventually have reviews and pictures of everything I use on a regular basis.

Older Journal Entries (2000-2003). This ain’t a new journal, yo. Go read up on the last four years of my motorcycling life.

Trips and Tours. Where I go: everything from local day trips to overnight tours. Most include trip write-ups, pictures, maps, etc.

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