Changing Gears

Wow, I’m just blogtastic tonight, huh.

I just got an email from Alice Sexton, president of WIMA USA, about Changing Gears.

Changing Gears will be a motorcycle ride in October, from San Diego to San Francisco, done by 20 breast cancer survivors. While skimming the website, I realized I’d met one of the riders, Jamie Lang, up in Anchorage. She’s a really neat lady; I can only imagine the other 19 riders are equally spunky and strong.

Anyhoo, go to the website, read about it, and think about making a donation. Statistically, one out of every seven women that you (yes, you!) know personally will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. By donating, we can help fight a disease and see 20 kickass women ride their motorcycles for a week up the CA coast. Woo!

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