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Pics of cuddly things that will kill you

OK, you vultures, I managed to steal a high-speed internet connection long enough to upload two pictures of our new buddies here in the north. Before my mom has a heart attack, both of these used mega zoom. OK, … Continue reading

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Whitehorse, YT

Not much time to write right now — I’m in the hotel lobby, waiting for Steph and Tony to finish showering — but I wanted to update everyone that we’re still alive despite not having service for two days. We’re … Continue reading

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Fort Nelson, BC

Once again, our hotel has free internet access to its guests, disproving once and for all this whole notion of “the wilderness”. Unfortunately, my hiptop (finally!) has no signal, so I can’t attach any photos. That’s OK, though, I didn’t … Continue reading

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An idea whose time has come

If this whole “software programming” thing doesn’t work out, I’m going to invent a nose bib for motorcyclists who get colds while touring, and I’m going to make a million bazillion dollars.

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Calamari Quest 2004

We’re on a mission to find the best calamari appetizer in the great north. Heartland Family Restaurant, Cache Creek: very good garlicy sauce. Both rings and little squid bits. Spelled it “Kalamari”, which has now prompted a debate on “c” … Continue reading

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