Pics of cuddly things that will kill you

OK, you vultures, I managed to steal a high-speed internet connection long enough to upload two pictures of our new buddies here in the north.

Before my mom has a heart attack, both of these used mega zoom. 😉

OK, off to breakfast.

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2 Responses to Pics of cuddly things that will kill you

  1. Zinker says:

    Eh, that’s a black bear; they’re harmless! You can go right up and pet it. Don’t go near the brown or white ones, though.
    I secretly knew about the RVs on the Alcan, because when I was like thirteen I sat through a seventeen hour slideshow of Miss Natalie’s trek to Alaska with a whole bunch of friends in a convoy of campers. Of course Miss Natalie was one of my mother’s Marine Corps buddies, and she made the trip with her life-long “of course there’s nothing going on here” house-mate, so I also anticipate a lot of hot lesbo meat-market on the long flat boring highway…bring back pictures!

  2. Barb Weiss says:

    Get a load of the HORNS: plenty of “push power” there!

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