Lovely piece of paper

I have the world’s best piece of paper sitting on my desk besides me: the PTO form for 21 days away from work, signed by my boss.

21 days away from Danger, away from the Bay Area, away from California and, in fact, away from the 48 contiguous states and occasionally away from the USA altogether.

WOO! I’m all, like, going to Alaska. We leave a month from today. I have lists, lists of lists, and notes for which lists to look at for my notes containing more lists of lists.

Naturally, I am crazy busy at work on top of all of this. Naturally, I have about a dozen phone calls to also make (doctors, the bike dealer to order parts for the 32k pre-trip service), and I freakin’ hate the phone. Naturally, I’m way behind on my email, and am now started to get email from people wondering why I haven’t responded to their email. Naturally, I’m also behind with my notes for the book, and need to spend a night at home with my binder and a pen and a closed door.

If I weren’t going on this trip, I’d be losing my mind. I practically am anyway.

Nice piece of paper. Signed piece of paper.

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