Wind Dancers officers for 2006…

Because apparently we have too much free time, Steph and I signed up to be co-directors for the Wind Dancers this year.

Tonight was our first officers’ meeting, held at one of the gals’ homes. Genia was a marvelous host, and we nine poor saps gossiped about bikes for a couple of hours while chowing on pizza, chocolates, and wine. I think I’m going to like being on this team. 😉

I’m really encouraged about this year for the Wind Dancers — we already have some great ideas for rides. It seems as though quite a few other people are making 2006 the Year of the Three Day Weekend Trips (as opposed to the multi-week trip), which fits my plans perfectly. I think a few three day weekends will really be great for bringing the club together, as well as introducing new riders to some of California’s greatest roads (well, OK, and providing good blog material for me 😉 ).

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