Mad bling for the Z

She’s looking like a purdy little sport-tourer already! *heart*

First up, Peter and I added a Radio Shack 8-position dual-row barrier strip. The joy of this little mod is that my electrical farkles can screw into the terminal strip now instead of all being wedged on the battery screw shaft. If you’re starting to have a hard time screwing your battery terminal screws in because of all the crap that’s hooked up to your battery, Auntie Carolyn recommends a terminal strip.


Next up came the Gerbing portable temp-controller. Nothing to this one; just hooked it up to the aforementioned terminal strip and Velcro’ed it to the bike.


Ditto for the 12v socket…


Last but not least, I mounted the Garmin V GPS with its RAM mount. I was a little worried about having to mount the GPS so close to the center of the bike, but after riding around with it yesterday, it’ll be fine. I thought maybe it would block the dials or dash lights, but not really.

The photo also shows Peter’s Aerostich Warm-Wrap grips, which he’s lending me until I can afford “real” heated grips for the Z.


Next up will be the Alu-Rack (should arrive by mail this week). Mmmmm, bling.

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