Viv’s and my Thwarted Ride

Viv and I had a Thwarted Ride today.

We met at Viv’s at noon, whereby Weeble (Viv’s Suzuki GS500) refused to start. A quick look-over revealed a loose battery connection plus a full toolkit under the seat, about which Viv had been previously unaware! Christmas comes twice for Viv!

Battery connector tightened, we got on the road with the promise of a sunny day.

10 miles later, it was raining.

We rode to the next freeway exit, Cañada Road, which was full of confused bicyclists having the same rainy-day dilemma. The bicyclists decided to pack it in and go see a movie; we decided to take Cañada down to Woodside Road and have lunch at The Little Store.

Lunch was good; Tuscan Bean soup and a tuna salad for me, plus a nice steaming mug of hot chocolate. Can’t ask for more than that on a rainy January afternoon.


After lunch, I was getting back on the Z when I noticed that the GPS had lost its external power source (i.e.the 12v socket plugged into the bike battery). I unplugged the GPS to inspect, and the stupid tip fell off into the socket, just as its predecessor did at the Grand Canyon! This time, though, instead of flames shooting out of the socket, there was just a big spark that didn’t even blow the fuse. Wussy spark.


I got that all put back together and we got back on the road.

We had already scrapped our original idea of going to the coast, figuring it was more likely to be even rainier there. So we tooled around the foothills a little, hitting Portola Valley and Arastradero and even a little bit of Page Mill. My direction sense took no prisoners, as usual, and Viv was a very good sport about our multiple middle-of-the-road U-turns.

The ride ended up being about 55 miles, which is pretty impressive given that we didn’t actually really go anywhere. 😉 But we had fun and had a good lunch, which, really, is all that matters.

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