First ride impression, and photos

OK, hopefully this’ll be my last post of the day. 😉

Real, non-hiptop photos, though they are a little backlit due to that silly bright California sun.


Now, I’ve ridden this particular Z a whopping six miles, so these “ride impressions” are really just the really obvious things…

  • The seat sucks. My butt hurt within six miles. Granted, I don’t sit on the wide part of the seat, where Kawasaki intended, but still. I’ll be Airhawk shopping this weekend, methinks.
  • The clutch makes me very, very happy. Smooth as buttuh. Buttuh! My first rides on new (to me) bikes usually result in me overrevving when taking off from stop lights and having at least one big lurch while I figure out the friction zone. Like Dora, the Z was all silk from the get-go.
  • Adjustable levers! 5-position adjustable levers for brake and clutch. *sniff* I can actually reach the brake lever with my index and middle fingers — I won’t have to do the mutant “thumb and index finger control throttle while last 3 fingers grab the brake” thing that makes my elbow stick out and look retarded.

OK, that’s it from my huge whopping first ride. Obviously I’ll talk about the engine, shifting, flicking, etc when I’m not just riding from stop light to stop light to get the bike home from the dealer. 😉

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8 Responses to First ride impression, and photos

  1. Kipio says:

    I have a ZR-7S, which is sort of a precessor to the Z750S, although only vaguely. I found the seat on the ZR to be bad, although not 6 mile bad.
    I bought the Corbin “Gunfighter” seat for this bike, which they also appear to have for the Z750S. Despite the name, I find it to be much more comfortable. I was surprised because it actually seems harder. But the other day I read in “Total Control” that the main thing about seats being comfortable is how well they contour to your behind, and this one does that well. So, that might be something to think about.

  2. stephanie says:

    Do you want to try Tony’s airhawk before you lay down the plastic for one? He has the smaller size.

  3. carolyn says:

    Dammit, woman, you’re thwarting my spending spree! *laugh* Yeah, that’d be great if I could try it out. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Geoff says:

    Hey, what’s going on with the front brake fluid lines? Does the left caliper get its fluid from the right caliper instead of getting it directly from the master cylinder? Interesting. Nothing wrong with that; I’ve just never seen that setup before. Sorry, I notice small, inconsequential things like that.

  5. Geoff says:

    Of course, you already have a new set of Galfer SS lines on order, right? I expect to see heated hand grips on that puppy by Monday, as well!! 🙂
    I guess Honda likes the idea of the “T” junction, too, ’cause my CBR 929 has the same sort of thing!

  6. tony says:

    Hey C, you’re certainly welcome to give my AirHawk a try, but you should know the AirHawk adds at least .5″ to 1″ to the seat height. On the Strom I went from flat foot to tippy toes depending on how much air is in it. It is, of course, fantastic for preventing monkey butt on those long rides to Fairbanks.
    My unsolicited advice is to bite the bullet and get a custom seat.
    Also FWIW, I think that sort of brake line configuration is pretty common, at least on sport-bikes. I know the 2004 GSXR front end I put on my SV was set up that way, and I’ve seen it on others.

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