Ventura luggage rack

Peter and I put a Ventura luggage rack onto the Superhawk for the Pacific Rally; here’s the write-up.

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  1. xeger says:

    My experience with installing Ventura luggage on the Ducati 996 wasn’t nearly as smooth – spacers and longer bolts were required in the end. Now that it’s installed it is awfully nice, though.

  2. dylan says:

    How do you like the Ventura system? I’m thinking about picking one up and from what I’ve heard it sounds like it’s very stable when loaded down and riding, is that true in your experiences?

  3. carolyn says:

    We’ve only used it once, for this camping trip, but it seemed to work really well. We didn’t use the bag that came with the kit, since we were just bungeeing the tent/sleeping bags to the Ventura rack, but that worked perfectly.
    We only had one “oops”: the rack fits down inside the mounting bars, and the latter have little screws/locknuts to keep the rack from bouncing out. We didn’t know to tighten those screws even after removing the rack at our campsite, and one of the screws vibrated out on our afternoon ride.
    The rack still stayed in place on the way home, but that was mostly due to creative bungee netting — we’re definitely getting a replacement screw.
    Oh, and on that note: Ventura seems really good about that. I used their “contact us!” email address on their web site, and within 5 minutes, they’d sent me the contact info for the US Distributor, as well as forwarding my request to said distributor. Within 10 minutes of *that*, the distributor had emailed me back, saying to call their 1-800 number for a replacement screw. So, I say OK!

  4. xeger says:

    Ventura are really excellent about helping out – they actually called from the other side of the world when I said that I was having problems with the install!

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