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2004 WOW Mileage Contest

Each year, Women on Wheels holds a mileage contest. To keep things fair for our sisters in wintery states, the contest runs from April 1 – October 31. I just finished filling out my ending mileage form: 11,511 miles since … Continue reading

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Quad muscle!

HOLY CRAP! While changing out of my workout clothes just now, I turned towards the mirror and THERE’S A QUAD MUSCLE! I distinctly saw one of those vertical quad muscles! Like the one that starts sorta up by your hip … Continue reading

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An unexpected vacation

Sorry to cause concern. Peter’s grandfather fell ill last week and we flew to Florida unexpectedly. We just got back very late last night.

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Home again!

We’re back home and plopped on the couch. 🙂 I’m uploading the non-hiptop photos now, but they’re not that good this time — on Saturday, the lens was all fogged up, and today it got all dusty. Poo! It was … Continue reading

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This looks familair

Hrm….construction, an RV, and a pilot car. Where have I seen this before? 😀

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