Summer choices

Choice A: replace chain and sprocket at 8pm
Pros: Garage is only 88F
Cons: Will take until midnight

Choice B: replace chain and sprocket the next day
Pros: Will not be tired and pissy
Cons: Garage will be 104F

I decided on Choice A, and did most of the chain and sprockets last night. It went well, if still a little warm (stupid fall heat wave!). I didn’t actually strip any bolts this time (a personal victory, indeed), but noticed a couple that were on their way to being useless. In a fit of pro-activity, I actually went ahead and ordered these bolts, so that next time I do the chain/sprocket, I can just replace them with new ones. Go me!

I finished up this morning (just had to adjust the chain and put the cover back over the front sprocket). Seeing as though it was about four million degrees outside yet again, I put off a test ride in favor of washing the bike. It was all nasty and greasy from the chain/sprocket change, and plus, it’s just plain fun to wash the bike when it’s 100F outside.

I’m glad I finally got around to replacing that rear sprocket. As you can see, it was getting a little pointy. 🙂

Peter said I was on my way to making him a circular saw blade.

Toldja it was hot!

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