A disconcerting commute

To start my commute home off well, it was once again the surface temperature of the sun here in the Bay Area, and the traffic was the worst possible speed — moving too slowly to get any air flow, but moving too quickly to safely lanesplit. Rarr!

About halfway home, the bike started doing the messed up stuttering thing again. Fortunately, this time brings the benefit of Hey, I’ve Fucked Up My Bike Like That Before!, so it’s off to the garage to glare at the clutch release assembly for me.

Funny thing is, I knew when reassembling the clutch release assembly on Sunday that I was rushing through it. Sigh. Someday, I’ll listen to that gut feeling.

Anyway, after surviving 10 miles of messed up stuttering, I came about a foot away from being plowed into by some asshat who was too important to bother LOOKING when pulling out of a parking lot driveway. Fortunately, there was no one in the lane to our left, so I swerved and accelerated around him, all the while laying on my horn. That horn must have been blaring for 10 seconds straight, and he never even turned his head. >:O The karmic boomerang will be swift and just for that one.

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