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2005 Ride-In: Boise, ID

The details have been announced for the 2005 Women on Wheels Ride-In: July 5-7 in Boise, Idaho Looks like it’ll be a nice ride. 🙂

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Slow progress

I was hoping to be farther along with my Rider article by now. I’ve only got my notes from the road written — I still have to do notes for Haines Junction and Haines, not to mention drafts. Won’t happen … Continue reading

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Who really needs to shift, anyway?

Over the weekend, I swapped out my old bent-up gear shifter linkage rod thingie with a shiny new (and most importantly: straight) gear shifter rod. Easy as pie: loosen up the locknuts, unscrew old rod, screw in new rod, tighten … Continue reading

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A decent jog today

I upped the length of my jog slightly today, to 1.3 miles. I’m happy to report that while I still can’t do 60 sec walk/60 sec jog repeated over the entire time (~25 minutes), I can do it for about … Continue reading

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Calling Alaskans :)

I need some help identifying landmarks along the Haines Highway (mostly mountains and glaciers) for my article. If anyone is familiar with the area, can you drop me a line? Thanks!

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