ST.n West Coast Regional

You know I’m obsessing about something when I completely neglect to mention that I’m going to be out of town riding this weekend. Yeesh.

This weekend is the West Coast Regional Meet in Eureka, CA.

Where the hell is Eureka?

Yep, it’s way up there. Bill (B12_Bill on the boards) and I are riding up tomorrow, taking 101 the whole way. That sounds like a cop-out, but it’s not, I promise. 101 north of the Bay Area is gorgeous. Besides, this will allow me to once again ride through the Chandelier Tree, something that just never, ever, gets old.

I’m in a tree in 2001!

I’m in a tree in 2003!

Now Bill’s in a tree! The fun never ends!

I’ll try to blog a bit from the meet, and do a full write-up once I get back. Here’s my tentative schedule:

Friday: haul ass up 101 to Fortuna (that’s where my hotel is)
Friday night: BBQ at Dr. Gil’s in Eureka
Saturday: Putter around way northern CA. I’m thinking maybe the Lost Coast?
Saturday night: Pah-tay at the brewery in Fortuna. Walking distance to my hotel: that’s me doing some “thinking ahead”, there
Sunday morning: Breakfast at the Samoa Cookhouse
Sunday: haul ass back down 101 to get home

We’re expecting at least 60 people. Sixty!

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