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Schizophrenic weather

Strange day here in the Bay Area. When I left for work (in my car), the rain was coming down so hard you couldn’t see. A coworker of mine got so soaked waiting for the bus that he went shopping … Continue reading

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My spies are everywhere.

Every year, Peter and some of his work buddies go on a big week-long snowboarding trip. This year’s is at Whistler in British Columbia. Peter decided to go, even though he can’t snowboard, since, hey, if he’s going to sit … Continue reading

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The wars continue.

Superhawk: 3 Bar end weights: 0 Forunately, the most recent shedding of bar end weight happened mere blocks from my house. I just walked around the neighborhood until I found the little bastard. On went another liberal application of red … Continue reading

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This Means War.

Score: Superhawk: 2. Bar-end weights: 0. The SVS battery is still acting up, so today was another Superhawk day. I was eager to see how its shaved seat and SVS bar-end weights worked anyway, so I didn’t really mind having … Continue reading

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Lumpy butt

I shaved down the Superhawk seat that I bought, and it only looks a little bit retarded. Well, OK, it looks a lot retarded, but hey, what did you expect from my first try? I ended up using a razor … Continue reading

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