My spies are everywhere.

Every year, Peter and some of his work buddies go on a big week-long snowboarding trip. This year’s is at Whistler in British Columbia. Peter decided to go, even though he can’t snowboard, since, hey, if he’s going to sit around and type, he may as well do it in Canada.

They flew into Vancouver this morning and drove to Whistler along Highway 99 (aka the Sea to Sky Highway) — one of the roads that Tony, Steph, and I will be riding on our way to Alaska.

Peter reported back to me that there’s some amazing scenery along the road, and that it was in pretty good shape: “B- or better”. He said it goes back and forth between being really smooth and having construction, but that even the construction wasn’t too bad. Good news for motorcyclists!

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  1. Shyam says:

    Hope you have fun riding on Sea to Sky (aka S2S) during your trip to Alaska. The road from Vancouver to Squamish (a small town half-way to Whistler) is a staple among local motorcycle riders. The book Destination Highways rates it pretty high for twistiness, I believe. Most of the construction right now is past Squamish, on the way to Whistler.
    There is a local sportbike website that you guys might want to check out.

  2. moonvision says:

    Be careful on the Sea to Sky though as it’s regularily in the news because of frequent accidents… mostly cagers going too fast.

  3. Baldwyn says:

    Hey! I convinced myself earlier this year that I don’t need an 1150GS-Adventurer to go to the Arctic circle, but that my trusty Triumph Bonneville will make it just fine (and need tasty new parts on returning home, of course). I’m dangerously close to convincing myself to do it this year.
    The only problem is I’m trying to come up with a plan to do it in 12 days or less (from the Bay Area). Is that crazy?
    Maybe I’ll catch up to you guys in Haines.

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