Daily Archives: February 27, 2004

Testing electrics

I found this flowchart online, which seems to be a really good electrical troubleshooting flowchart. I printed it out and headed to the garage. I did all of the current tests, voltage tests, stator tests, and voltage regulator tests. The … Continue reading

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I need to learn japanese.

So, because motorcycles were put upon this earth solely to make me batty, the damn SVS started right up with its own battery this time. Battery sitting innocently in motorcycle (not running): 13.3V Motorcycle idling at 1200 RPM: 14.1V Motorcycle … Continue reading

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Ruling out the battery.

I’m working at home today, and am about to rebuild some code, which takes about 30 minutes. I did some research into the SVS’s electrical woes last night, and while my code is chugging along, I’m going to go out … Continue reading

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