I need to learn japanese.

So, because motorcycles were put upon this earth solely to make me batty, the damn SVS started right up with its own battery this time.

Battery sitting innocently in motorcycle (not running): 13.3V
Motorcycle idling at 1200 RPM: 14.1V
Motorcycle at 5000 RPM: 13.3V

The service manual recommends checking the voltage regulator if the voltage is under 13.4V (or above 15V) at 5000 RPMs. This seems like a good plan because, to my limited brain, one’s voltage at 5k RPM should not be lower than one’s voltage at idle.

Sadly, the section on testing the voltage regulator is written in some language that approximates English, but doesn’t quite get there. Considering that I’m, well, “not experienced enough” with the voltmeter (the nicest way I could think of to say that I don’t know amps from a hole in the ground), this isn’t useful.

On to search the internet for a flowchart. The fun never ends.

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