Lumpy butt

I shaved down the Superhawk seat that I bought, and it only looks a little bit retarded. Well, OK, it looks a lot retarded, but hey, what did you expect from my first try?

I ended up using a razor blade, which didn’t really work as well as I’d hoped. I should have sprung for the electric knife, or in hindsight, at least used one of our big kitchen knives.

Basically, I pulled out the staples in the seat cover (giving me flashbacks to ripping up the carpet in our house), slashed at the foam with the razor blade, tried to smooth it out using coarse sandpaper, than stapled the cover back with Andrea’s staple gun.



Maybe if I’m bored this afternoon, I’ll pull the cover back again and try to smooth out those lumps in the back some more. I didn’t shave any of the back section of the seat, since my butt never gets back there anyway, and I think it looks a little dumb. Ah well.

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