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fun with cats and bikes

It’s a dark and stormy night here in the south bay, and so Peter and I have been forced to spend the evening inside. Since I already watched all of the interesting shows on the Tivo while laid up with … Continue reading

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I was just telling Steph that the nice thing about this whole “writing” thing is that I get to rationalize buying other people’s books by saying they’re for “research”. Current “research”: Rising from the Plains, John McPhee. I figure that … Continue reading

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RoadRunner magazine

One positive thing about the past week (along with catching up with the TiVo) was that I heard back from Christian Neuhauser at RoadRunner magazine. I’d met Mr. Neuhauser at the bike show last month, and spent some time chatting … Continue reading

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Count the red bikes!

Ok, we officially have Too Many Red Bikes. It’s excessive. Peter rode the Duc home tonight; he says it was “interesting”. I’ll probably ride it around a bit over the weekend.

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AMA Grand Tours

I received the final standings for the AMA Grand Tour 2003 in the mail the other day. I came in eighth (well, seventh, if you consider that two people tied for sixth) out of twenty-seven. Not bad! I ended up … Continue reading

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