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Personally supporting the motorcycle industry

You know your spending is getting seriously out of control when business owners start personally contacting you after purchases. I don’t know if I ever mentioned that Andy Goldfine (owner of Aerostich) called me a few months ago after reading … Continue reading

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Bridgeville is up for sale again. If I had $800,000 and the option of buying either a small house in Cupertino or a city along highway 36, I’d be sorely tempted to take Bridgeville. I have to admit that I … Continue reading

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Xmas goodies

Merry Christmas, everyone! The bike did pretty well this year. Peter bought the SVS a new front sprocket, a visor pouch for my faceshields, and a Pit Bull rear stand. Peter’s parents donated the California National Geographic topographic map software. … Continue reading

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Carrying on the Danger tradition….

….here we are on doomed flight #810 to O’Hare.

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If you’re into travel writing, go check out Rolf Potts’ blog. I like Potts’ writing a lot; his stories are that wonderful mix of historical fact, local color, and humor. Today’s entry is a link to his interview with Tim … Continue reading

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