fun with cats and bikes

It’s a dark and stormy night here in the south bay, and so Peter and I have been forced to spend the evening inside. Since I already watched all of the interesting shows on the Tivo while laid up with the flu, we’ve had to rely on our backup entertainment plan: harassing the cats. Fortunately, Stephanie came over this afternoon and brought the world’s best (and possibly only) motorcycle-related cat toy.

This is the best cat- and easily-amused-human- toy ever. It’s a little remote control biker dude that can zip around in either forward or reverse, and can steer to the left or the right. It’s easy to control, by which I mean, easy to steer towards unsuspecting felines.

It was a big hit all the way around. Peter and I enjoyed zipping it around to hit cats, furniture, and each other. The cats enjoyed trying to eat the annoying zippy thing. Truly, a bonding moment for the whole family.

Not a very good off-road bike (7.1 MB)
The wrath of CMOS (2.1 MB)
More of CMOS (7.3 MB)
Nin says “who me?” (2.7 MB)
Nin says “to heck with that stupid toy” (3.2 MB)

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