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I received the final standings for the AMA Grand Tour 2003 in the mail the other day. I came in eighth (well, seventh, if you consider that two people tied for sixth) out of twenty-seven. Not bad! I ended up with 119 points, with landmarks from four different states. I’m surprised that only 27 people joined the contest; I figured there’d be many more.

Along with the standings sheet and finisher’s patch, I got the entry form for next year’s Grand Tour: “Lincoln Highway – A National Photo Tour”. The only thing I know about the Lincoln Highway is that it was the first transcontinental highway, from New York to San Francisco. I don’t have any details about the Grand Tour rules yet, but I’ll bet it’ll require photographing stops along the way. Shouldn’t be too hard — The Lincoln Highway starts nearby and takes the short way across the state over to Nevada. We’ll see what kinks the rules toss in, though…

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  1. Alex says:

    If you too decide to make a cross-country trip.. good luck!
    If you get as far out here as New York, look up some of your East Coast motorcycle scum. Most of them can usually be good for at least a place to crash and a couple of cold Heinekens. 😉
    Congratulations on #7 ! Not bad!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hey, I think more than 27 people entered, after all I was #156 on my photo card and I noticed Tom Voss (the guy running the show) was #101.
    I think only 27 *finished*.
    And don’t worry about the LH stuff, I’m a geek about it, I was planning a trip back to Ohio following the route for summer 2005 so we can swing by the ol’ homestead before hitting Barber.

  3. carolyn says:

    Dammit, woman, I still have to get through our übertrip of 2004 before I start planning our übertrip of 2005! 😀

  4. White Raven says:

    Cool – congrats! I would have been surprised if you weren’t one of the top people.
    I got my motorcycle back on 15th October so there was no way I was getting over to Nevada on a newly repaired and untried Arnie;-)
    I think Steph is right, there must have been more than 27 entrants, I was # 155.
    I don’t know what the Lincoln Highway is, but I do know I’ll be continuing my landmark-snarfing. 😉

  5. Stephanie says:

    GREAT! Does this mean I can count you in for MotoGP 2005 then?
    Remember, planning the next be all roadtrip will give you reason to come back from this one.

  6. Deb says:

    Does anyone know when the motoGP 2005 is at le Mans next year please

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