AMA Grand Tours

I received the final standings for the AMA Grand Tour 2003 in the mail the other day. I came in eighth (well, seventh, if you consider that two people tied for sixth) out of twenty-seven. Not bad! I ended up with 119 points, with landmarks from four different states. I’m surprised that only 27 people joined the contest; I figured there’d be many more.

Along with the standings sheet and finisher’s patch, I got the entry form for next year’s Grand Tour: “Lincoln Highway – A National Photo Tour”. The only thing I know about the Lincoln Highway is that it was the first transcontinental highway, from New York to San Francisco. I don’t have any details about the Grand Tour rules yet, but I’ll bet it’ll require photographing stops along the way. Shouldn’t be too hard — The Lincoln Highway starts nearby and takes the short way across the state over to Nevada. We’ll see what kinks the rules toss in, though…

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