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One positive thing about the past week (along with catching up with the TiVo) was that I heard back from Christian Neuhauser at RoadRunner magazine. I’d met Mr. Neuhauser at the bike show last month, and spent some time chatting with him about the magazine and bikes and etc. Granted, there weren’t many people hanging around when I was there, but I was really impressed with the amount of time the guys at RoadRunner took to talk with me.

Besides, Mr. Neuhauser wore glasses with a blue plastic frame that matched my hair. He even let me try them on for aesthetic effect. How many presidents of magazines let you wear their glasses, hrm? Hrm?

Anyway, I’d sent a “hey, nice to meet you” sort of generic email after the show, and I got a very nice response back. At the very least, I feel confident that they’ll remember me when they read my queries; I’ve already sent one in to them, and have a few more queued up for the new year. *fingers crossed*

If you haven’t seen RoadRunner, try and pick one up somewhere. It covers trips, tours, and “real world” gear and bike testing. That’s the main reason I want to write for them — I legitimately enjoy reading the magazine. Two thumbs up.

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