Service Kwackers

Our coworker Chris joined the bikercult at Danger this week with the purchase of a wonderfully neon green Ninja 250. Yay!

There are three of us in the service team with Kawasakis now, utterly unintentionally. I’m partway cool as my bike is a Kawi, but not completely cool as the Z is not green. A lot of people assume I wanted the blue Z because of my hair, but really, it was just the only color available in 2005. I will cry sad tears if the 2007 Z is available in British Racing Green or red.

I need to hook up Chris with my friends who tour on Ninja 250s. Who says you need a literbike to have fun?

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2 Responses to Service Kwackers

  1. Scott says:

    Whenever I bring up wanting a 250 everyone looks at me as some crazed freak. It could be that I am a freak, but 250s are a blast. Too bad it’s such an ignored market segment. Those Hyosung 250s look promising but I was utterly unable to find someone down here in LA carrying them. Maybe one of these decades Kawasaki will remember they even make a 250 and update the thing.

  2. Snarfdog says:

    Sniff. I miss my bike. Someday I’ll ride again.

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