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Val’s Spiny Dogfish vs Toxic Shot: 2-2

What’s more depressing than watching your favorite team instead of playing for it? Showing up to watch and having it be Team Photo day! D’oh. If I had remembered that it was picture day, I’d have brought my jersey to … Continue reading

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Mirage vs Desert Thieves: 4-2

Not that I was playing in the game. 🙁 Peter and I went to go watch my Ice Oasis team play yesterday afternoon. It was fun to hang out on the bleachers by the bench and cheer. I’m quite sure … Continue reading

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Things to look forward to.

Hey, it’s cool now to end a sentence, or a blog header, with a preposition. Really. I would never lie to you. For the first time in a few years, I’m psyched about going to the bike show this December. … Continue reading

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Boneyards and Ghost Towns in RoadBike mag!

My article about the Women on Wheels trip to Nevada’s Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park is in the November/December 2006 issue of RoadBike magazine. Should be on newsstands now! This is the lead photo for the article. I’m pleased. 🙂

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There’s something to wedding registries

I was always kinda sketchy on the idea of having a gift registry for our wedding next year. I mean, I understand the reasoning behind it, and do I love it when friends have registries so that I know what … Continue reading

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