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Chilly Alice’s ride

I finished replacing the chain and sprockets on the GS on Saturday morning (after only one false start of accidentally ordering the right chain size for the XT, not the GS. Oops! At least my booboo doesn’t really waste money … Continue reading

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Metcalf on the XTs

Thanksgiving weekend, 60F, and sunny? Let’s go to Metcalf! After a great breakfast at Bobbi’s Coffee Shop, we hopped on the XTs and rode to south San Jose. Upon arriving, we instantly got lost and wound up at the beginner’s … Continue reading

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Argh, bureaucracy

I belong to a certain women’s riding group. I have no interest in this post appearing when someone does a Google search for that club name, however, so let’s keep it nameless. The group is baffling me right now. I … Continue reading

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Couldn’t resist the farkle.

I bought a Givi topcase rack today. I liked the way the Givi rack looks on the older F650GS more than the SW Motech Alu-Rack; thus, I decided to go with it even though I may have to re-sell it … Continue reading

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After doing some garage cleanup today, Peter and I did a quick spin on the XT225s to keep the batteries happy and moving parts…well, moving. We had a fun time circling around a dirt and gravel parking lot over by … Continue reading

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