Couldn’t resist the farkle.

I bought a Givi topcase rack today.

I liked the way the Givi rack looks on the older F650GS more than the SW Motech Alu-Rack; thus, I decided to go with it even though I may have to re-sell it after I rob a bank for the Touratech Zega panniers.

We put the first farkles on the GS the other night (well, our first farkles, at any rate; the bike came with a couple) — I installed my extra RAM mount onto the handlebars and added a battery tender pigtail. Peter did some fancy soldering action with my GPS’s cigarette plug charger and added a compatible socket onto it. Now I don’t need both a 12v socket and a battery tender connector; just the latter!

I took the 12v socket off of the XT, too, for the same reason. I won’t miss that stupid thing falling off its velro and thwapping along the ground on dirt rides. 😉

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