After doing some garage cleanup today, Peter and I did a quick spin on the XT225s to keep the batteries happy and moving parts…well, moving.

We had a fun time circling around a dirt and gravel parking lot over by Stevens Creek Reservoir. Sometimes there are lots of puddles in the lot, but only one today. 🙁 Still, it was fun to splash through it.

Peter only did one pass through the puddle because it made his widdle toesies wet and cold. Awwwa. 😉 It must have been the last straw for those old holey boots, since we went right out after we got home and bought him new shoes.

Only 10 miles, but it was fun. Taking the MSF dirt class and doing some miles on the GS has made me a bit more fearless on the XT. Hopefully that won’t bite me on the ass later, but in the meantime it’s giving me some fun mini rides.

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